Research in the Department of Sociology

Research activity in the Department of Sociology is mainly  organised in nine research groups:

GEDIME: Immigration and Ethnic Minorities Studies Group

LIS: Estudis socials i de gènere sobre la corporalitat, la subjectivitat i el patiment evitable

GRET: Education

GSADI: Group of Analytical Sociology and Institutional Design

IPHIGENIA: Infancy, Family and Comparative Social Policies

ISOR: Sociology of Religion Research

QUIT: Sociological Research Centre on Everyday Life and Work

GEPS: Social Policy Analysis Seminar

SED: Women's Studies Seminar

Research production in the Department in carried out through competitive research programmes, agreements and contracts. The results are published in specialist journals, books, conference papers and doctoral theses. The research seminars and the workshops disseminate the research activity of the Department and are open to teaching and research staff, doctoral students and the general public.

LIBRARY Library services of the UAB


TROBADOR Library searches


Doctoral thesis Registered and submitted doctoral thesis


SEARCHER OF INCENTIVES Incentives and fellowship for researchers


SUMMA SUMMA access for teachers and researchers


OBSERVATORY EQUALITY UAB Observatory for Equality



Departament of Sociology
Avenue Eix Central. Buliding B
08193 Bellaterra
(Cerdanyola del Vallès)
TEL +34 93 581 11 52

Opening hours:
M - T. 10-13h and 15-16h
F. 10-14h
6th July to 9th Sept. 10-13.30h
21-28 March 2016
1-31 August 2016
26 Dec.-6 Jan. 2017





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