Research in the Department is carried out in two main areas, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering.

The overall aim of the research is the development of processes for:
  • Obtaining products of interest for the chemical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries.
  • Obtaining products of interest in biomedicine.
  • Treatment of urban and industrial waste water, gases and bioremediation of contaminated soil.
  • Waste valorisation: composting and methanization.
Together with this, a transversal objective within the field of industrial ecology, is the development of tools and sustainability indicators to analyse the processes, the energy and materials flows and to improve complex systems (agricultural, industrial and urban).

The research activities are organised through the following research groups:

Composting of Organic wastes Group


Biodegradation of Industrial Contaminants and Waste Valorization Group


Cell and Tissue Engineering Group


Bioprocess Engineering and Applied Biocatalysis Group 


Sustainability and Environmental Risk Prevention Group


Biological Treatment of Waste  Water and Gases. Elimination of Nutrients, Odours and Volatile Organic Compounds Group


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