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CCIMC (Coordination Chemistry Inspires Molecular Catalysis)

The UAB, through two groups of the Department of Chemistry, participates in CCIMC (Coordination Chemistry Inspires Molecular Catalysis), a new project coordinated by the CNRS and funded by the European Commission has started in March 2020.

The CCIMC project is an Innovative Training Network of the “European Joint Doctorate” type funded by the European Commission that addresses the current lack of coordinated doctoral training at the European level on molecular catalysis. It aims to push the frontiers of knowledge in ligand design, coordination chemistry, pre-catalyst development, catalyst recovery and catalytic process implementation, while also offering full scale training in professional and personal transferable skills. Beside scientific objectives, one important challenge is to train a new generation of junior scientists able to meet the economic and societal challenges of the chemical industry in the 21st century.

Two groups of the Department of Chemistry of the UAB, coordinated by Dr. Rosa Mª Sebastián, participate in this network. The group of Prof. Agustí Lledós and Dr. Gregori Ujaque (Computational BioNanoCat) will center its activity on the design and rationalization of new catalysts through theoretical calculations. The group of Dr. Rosa Sebastián and Dr. Jordi Hernando (Functional Materials and Organic Reactivity) will be focused on the synthesis, application and reuse of new catalysts for the preparation of biologically-active compounds. These groups will be involved in the training of 5 doctoral students. Moreover, the group of Prof. Lledós will host several PhD students from other groups of the network through three-month secondments to be trained in computational calculations.

The project officially started in March 2020 and will run for 4 years until February 2024. A consortium of 9 academic beneficiaries from 7 European countries will develop coordinated projects involving 15 doctoral students. The innovative training approach also involves 8 partners from the industrial sector that are fully integrated via established secondments for the PhD students and participation in the theoretical training and Network meetings.

Several events will punctuate the project during 4 years: three International Workshops, two Tutorials, one Core Course and one International School. The Core Course will take place in October 2020, in Warsaw (Poland). The two Tutorials will be organized in York (October 2021) and Lyon (October 2022). The first International Workshop will take place in Toulouse in May 2021, jointly with the 5th edition of European Colloquium on Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms (ECIRM; The two additional International Workshops are planned in April 2022 and March 2024, and will take place in Leipzig (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain), respectively. Finally, the international School is programmed for April 2023 in Bucharest (Romania).


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