Innovative research on democracy and governance (2023/24)


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Oficina de Projectes Internacionals

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  • Comissió Europea


HEU Cluster 2: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society

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  • Ciències socials
  • Ciències humanes

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PJE_Projectes Europeus


  • Investigadors/es (INV)
  • Grups de Recerca (GRU)


The invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which unfolds ominously while this work programme is prepared, has deep and extraordinary consequences on European security, international relations, as well as trust in democratic systems and in the media. However, it cannot be seen as an isolated event. It is part of an accelerated and ever intensifying movement of rejection and challenge of democracy and of the liberal international order. Indexes and reports measuring the overall situation of democracies in the world confirm their increased fragility and vulnerability over the last years: a process labelled as a “long democratic recession”, a shift in the nature of “autocratisation” or a “global expansion of authoritarian rule”, which quantitatively translates into the increase of the number of countries moving towards authoritarianism and the overall decline of the quality of democracies.

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