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  • Xavier Solans Monfort received his Ph. D. in Chemistry from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona at October 2003. After defending the thesis, he performed an almost 3 years Post-doctoral stay in the group of Professor O. Eisenstein (CNRS – University of Montpellier II). In 2006, he earned a Ramón y Cajal position and returned back to the Chemistry Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Since December 2014, he is Professor Agregat Serra Húnter. During his career, Xavier Solans Monfort also performed several short stays in laboratories abroad including 3 months in Prof. J. Sauer group (Humboldt University of Berlin), 6 months in Prof. P. Ugliengo group (University of Torino) and 8 months in Prof. C. Copéret group (ETH Zürich).
    His main research interests focus on the modeling of chemical reactivity catalyzed by well-defined heterogeneous catalysts. In particular, the most recent projects deal with the modeling of: i) catalysts supported in silica-based materials; ii) the olefin metathesis reaction; and iii) metal oxide nanoparticles.
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