Applied Geography (AG) is a long established group, which since 1994 all members have worked in collaboration. Joint activity is conducted under specific challenges and strategic objectives, with several complementary topics enhancing mutual strengths. Despite AG’s long history, our fundamentals have adapted to new societal challenges, learning from positive and negative research results, and from discussions with diverse colleagues.  The strategic objective of AG is to increase research excellence, internationalization and knowledge transfer (see specifics on Part C4), by strengthening internal collaboration and increasing publishing in top academic platforms, transferring results to society and stakeholders, and diffusing conclusions to civil society (both private and public), under the following structural topics: quality of life, biodiversity, sustainability and risks.  Social science is now multidisciplinary and multi-focused. EU, ERC, and important research programs prompt a more inclusive interpretation of social matters, territories and topics. This AG group strategy is to be interdisciplinary (with outside collaborations, and from within, we embrace the many approaches of Geography), international (with collaborations with individuals and groups) and interuniversity related (with competitive coordinated projects). This strategy is aimed at achieving the highest frontiers of research and science.

Montserrat Pallarès

Albert Pèlachs Anna Badia Carme Miralles Àngel Cebollada
Joan Manuel Soriano Ramon Pérez Graham Mortyn Joan Nunes
David Molina Jordi Nadal Raquel Cunill Antoni F. Tulla
Enric Mendizábal Ana Vera Esteve Dot Pau Avellaneda
Núria Blanes Sònia Sanchez Josep Antoni Pujantell Diego Varga
Marc Sánchez Rafael Vicente Xavi Delclós Guillem Vich
Mónica Maciejewska Azahara Sillero Jaume Marlés  

Applied Geography group is organized according to 3 research lines .
  1. Environmental dynamics in natural landscapes influenced by natural and human factors (Human landscape on ecological systems, climate change).
  2. Urban dynamics in high and medium density areas (Allocation of services and green urban areas, impacts on cities (Big Data) and in urban interphase territories (wildland fire), social economy and economic spaces).
  3. Structural system dynamics relating population and sustainability (Mobility, public spaces, health, ageing
Quality of life, biodiversity, sustainability/risk, public services and green urban areas, Big Data, interphase fires, social economy, economic spaces, mobility, public spaces, health, ageing and infant population, natural ventilation, soil sealing and energy saving, noise
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