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Barcelona History and Philosophy of Science Research Group



One of the HPS group’s main activities is the Annual Reading Seminar, taking place every 4 weeks throughout the academic year. It always focuses on a specific HPS-related topic and discusses major classical and recent literature on it. Seminars held so far:

•    Scientific Misconduct and Scientific Expertise (2016/17)
•    Scientific Rationality and Scientific Accounts of Rationality (2015/16) / Syllabus
•    Scientific Discovery: Its History, Philosophy, and Sociology (2014/15) / Syllabus
•    The Debate over the “Marriage” of HPS (2013/14) / Syllabus

Moreover, the group supports junior researchers in their work and helps them to build contacts to the international HPS community.

The group also organizes the annual joint HPS workshop of the Dept. of Philosophy and the Center for History of Science (CEHIC). Planned for the future are furthermore specific research projects and colloquia on topics pertaining to the group’s general agenda.

Interested in joining us? Please contact:      Thomas.Sturm "at"

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