• Curs d'especialització UAB
  • Codi de l'estudi: 4423/2
  • 2a edició
  • Modalitat: Online
  • Crèdits: 3 ECTS
  • Inici: 30/09/2021
  • Final: 30/11/2021
  • Places: 30
  • Orientació: Professional
  • Preu: 580 €
  • Preu especial 551 €
    Col·lectiu d'aplicació: Exalumnes ESAGED i promocions ESAGED
  • Idioma de docència: Anglès
  • Lloc: ESAGED- Escola Superior d’Arxivística i Gestió de Documents EDIFICI BLANC CAMPUS DE LA UAB 08193 BELLATERRA (CERDANYOLA DEL VALLÈS)
Archival and document management professionals need appropriate tools, both to incorporate new user profiles and to consolidate the relationship with users in organizations dedicated to document management.
In recent years the world of communication and advertising has rediscovered and updated the power of communicating by telling stories. This is what is known in 21st century jargon as storytelling.
Storytelling is a tool as old as it is effective. Since living in prehistoric caves, humanity has transmitted knowledge through stories. Now it does so through all possible means: films, books, advertisements, exhibitions, television shows, mobile applications ... and will continue to do so in the future with narrative supports that we are not able to imagine.
The most fascinating thing is that the documents preserved in the archives are full of stories that, if well explained, will allow archive professionals to develop successful communication campaigns to make known the historical and documentary legacy of today's society.


1. Introduction to the course
Section 1: The importance of communication in archival institutions
Section 2: The Communication Plan
Section 3: Communication and Archives

2. Why do the stories work?
Section 1: 40,000 years of stories
Section 2: From the story to the storytelling

3. How to build a good story?
Section 1: Narrative structures
Section 2: The universal plots

4. Trans-Media Narratives
Section 1: The new world of stories
Section 2: Current examples of trans-media narratives

5. Archiving, branding and storytelling
Section 1: the use of storytelling to build the archive brand
Section 2: branding culture, storytelling and archives

6. Shall we play?
Section 1: What is gamification?
Section 2: Gamification and storytelling. Its application in the cultural field

7. Personal storytelling. Everyone has a story to tell

Sortides professionals

- Tasques de comunicació i difusió en l'àmbit de les institucions arxivístiques i empreses de gestió documental.
- Professional independent de la comunicació en el sector de la gestió i el patrimoni documentals.

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