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  • UAB Specialisation Course
  • Code: 3384/7
  • 7th edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 2 ECTS
  • Start date: 15/02/2021
  • Finish date: 14/05/2021
  • Places: 30
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 250 ¤
  • Teaching language: Spanish
Teaching is a complex and difficult task if it is done well. For efficient teaching aimed at student learning knowledge is required of a series of tools which can facilitate that activity. This course aims to offer practical knowledge based on theoretical foundations so that once the course is complete students are able to evaluate their own teaching activity and improve on what they consider they are not doing well. Self-assessment is a basic requirement for finding out the difference between how we teach and how we should teach.
This course aim to be participative and dynamic and is aimed at any professional working in education, students in the process of teacher training, and also anyone else involved more occasionally in teaching activity.


- Educating.
- The teaching-learning process (teacher-student interaction).
- Communication and time management in the classroom.
- Teacher motivation and emotions.
- Teacher intervention in the classroom.
- Teaching profiles.
- Assessment systems designed for learning.
- Self-assessment of teaching activity.

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Departamento de Psicología Básica, Evolutiva y de la Educación


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