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PhD in History of Science

2013 / 2014



Each academic year the PhD candidate must register for the annual review as part of the administrative process to form a contract between the PhD student and the university.

First year Registration

Registration in the first year should be done in person, once the decision is made and no longer than one month after the date of admission. For personal attention at our offices it is necessary to make an appointment first (services / management: enrolment first-year PhD). Check the information about procedure, calendar, documents and prices on this page.
(If you are a PhD candidate in the Medicine or Surgery and Morphological Sciences programmes, consult the specific information for these programmes on this page).

Make an appointment to 'Register for the first year of the PhD':

Appointment request to Doctoral School

Registration in the second year and later

If you are a student of second or third year, you can register yourself here:

PhD online enrolment

Prior to registration, please check the additional information and indications on the registration procedure.

Here is a video to show you how to self-register:

(Video in catalan, working on translation)


When the PhD applicant is accepted onto a PhD programme they must formalise the PhD review registration document in a period of not more than one month after being accepted. The following courses must be registered for within the established registration period:

Registration calendar

  • from July,16 to November, 30

Registration documents

PhD applicants should bring the following obligatory documentation when registering at the School for Doctoral Studies. Check the documentation on this link.

The documents may be presented in Catalan, Spanish or English. For documentation in French, Italian or Portuguese, you can send it to the Language Service at the UAB. The applicant is responsible for the getting the documents translated and paying for the service. For other languages you need to provide a translation in to Catalan by a sworn translator, any diplomatic or consular service of Spain abroad or the Spanish consular or diplomatic representation of the applicant’s national country.

To legalise the documentation that accredits the courses taken abroad, please check the 'Legalisation' section (in Spansih). Nevertheless, at the time of pre-admission or admission the doctoral student may present the non-legalised documentation although it must be legalised by the time the students registers.


Registration fees are decided annually by the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya) in a Decree on public fees, which fixes the fees for the public universities in Catalonia within the limits established by the General Conference on University Policy. The Board of Trustees of the UAB may establish other fees that are not included in the Decree on public fees.

To pay the registration fee you need a Spanish or European bank account or bank card.

If you need information about the methods of payment, deadlines, etc. please see this information. If you choose to pay in three instalments you must register before 30 October.

Once you have registered if you do not pay the full fee a surcharge will be applied to subsequent registration fees. Please see information about non payment of fees.

If your fee is paid by a company or institution and you need an invoice you can request one by e-mail at Please include your personal details and the details of the company or institution in this document.

The registration fee (2019-2020) includes:

  • Supervision, tuition and continual assessment of the PhD thesis: €401.12
  • Administration of the academic transcript: €69.80
  • Specific services and programme organisation: €70.00
  • Insurance:
    • Standard student (under 28 years old): €1.12
    • Complementary insurance. This is a service offered by the UAB and includes in accident and travel insurance for all students registered at the UAB. If you want complementary insurance you must take it out at the time of registration. If you are considering taking part in an exchange programme or a research period outside Spain you should take out the mobility complementary insurance.
  • Fee for equivalence of foreign Masters degree, where necessary: €218.15
  • Bridging course credits, where necessary. These credits must be taken and passed during the first year of the PhD programme.

If you are a grantholder or are eligible for exemptions or reductions of the fee (e.g. large family, registered disabled, etc.) please see this document.

When you register at the School for Doctoral Studies you will be asked fill in an application form for your UAB student card. You can collect your card one month after registering from the Information Point of the School for Doctoral Studies (Floor 0).

If your registration fee is being paid fully or partly by a cost centre of the UAB you must bring accrediting documentation. For more information please contact the coordinator of your PhD programme.

In exceptional cases (payment by cost centres, academic tutorage, grantholders that are not researchers of the UAB, etc.) you must make an appointment to register personally at the School for Doctoral Studies using the link on this website.

Appointment request to Escola de Doctorat


The duration of the public costs of academic services is one academic year.

Grants and subsidies

The UAB has a search tool (UABsearcher) that offers information about grants, awards and subsidies for the university community. This search tool does not only include information about the UAB but also other institutions that may be of interest.

Student card

The UAB student’s card offers identification for all members of the university community and access to the different services offered by the university. To obtain a card you need to take a passport-style, colour photograph and fill in the corresponding form at the time of the initial registration as a student at the UAB. This card is valid until the programme of studies is completed.

With the university identification number (NIU) that appears on the registration document and the card, plus your password, which you can establish on the UAB Intranet Service, you can access the UAB intranet or use the on line office (check grades and academic transcript, access to the Online Campus, etc.)

Find out more information on the UAB student card web page.




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