Master's Degree in Palliative Integrated Care for Persons with Advanced Disease


Palliative care is the type of care offered to persons with advanced terminal illnesses who are at the end of their lives. The aim is to improve patients' quality of life as much as possible, along with that of their carers, mitigate suffering and offer maximum support to help the patient die well. This master's degree approaches palliative care from a holistic conception of the human being, made up of physical, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions.

Palliative care is a professional, scientific and human response to the many needs of patients and their families at the end-of-life stage. The programme meets a need for specific training in palliative care that promotes the holistic principle underlying it and spreads this to all areas of medical practice.

Given the absence of training opportunities that combine this holistic view of the human being with suitable specialisation options, this programme, on completion of the common modules, offers three profession-oriented tracks within the field of palliative care: for doctors, nurses, and professionals involved in giving emotional and spiritual support. Great importance is attached to practical work and a self-awareness activity to be done by students, given that professionals' attitudes and behaviour have a great impact on patients.


The main objective is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitudes which enable students to be able to offer excellent care to patients in advanced and terminal stages of illnesses and to their families.

The specific objectives are:
- Integration of knowledge of other areas of health, differentiating the curative and palliative focuses in the face of the illness.

- Recognition of the causes of suffering by patients and their families, analysing their physical, emotional, social and spiritual components.
- Integration of the patient and their family as a single unit for care.
- Description of the physiopathology of the pain and other symptoms and the production of a therapy plan.
- Discussion of the ethical aspects of the end of life.
- Recognition of the interdisciplinary focus of palliative care.
- Acquisition of communication skills with the patient, family and team.
- Development of compassionate attitudes of emotional and spiritual accompaniment.
- Identification of different care programmes and their roles in the continuity of care assistance.
- Promotion of personal knowledge and self-curing as mechanisms for confronting the stress related to terminal situations.

Access requirements

For track I, graduates in medicine. For track II, graduates or holders of pre-EHEA university diplomas in nursing. For track III, graduates in psychology, social work, or other subjects related to palliative care.

Career opportunities

The master's degree is aimed primarily at healthcare professionals wishing to join hospital or non-hospital palliative care teams.

It is also suitable for specialists in other areas who have frequent contact with terminal patients, such as medical oncology, radiotherapy and oncology, internal medicine, family medicine, or geriatrics, for other professionals working in this field, such as psychologists, social workers or chaplains, and for other graduates involved in end-of-life care.


Margarita García Mas

Phone: 937268136



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7 Edition
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Orientation: Professional
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Modality: Blended
Location: Hospital de Sant Pau. Sant Antoni M. Claret, 171. 08041 Barcelona
Dates: from 04/10/2019 to 15/09/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Pediatría, de Obstetricia y Ginecología y de Medicina Preventiva y Salud Pública
Collaborating centres:
INPECS (Institut per a l'Excel.lència Clínica i Sanitària)
ENG/Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau

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