Endoscopic surgery can be defined as the set of techniques used for surgery inside natural cavities of the human body using small incisions. This procedure makes use of several instruments for creating a cavity, visualising its interior on a screen using imaging systems, and performing percutaneous surgery with the aid of the television screen. These techniques have been used in multiple surgical specialisations (thoracic surgery, urology, gynaecology, neurosurgery), though mainly in digestive surgery to treat intra-abdominal surgical conditions.

The reason for the success of endoscopic surgery lies above all in the concept of minimally invasive surgery. By making minimal incisions and magnifying the surgical field through the imaging system, the surgeon can operate with much greater precision, reducing blood loss and avoiding damage to the abdominal wall. This less aggressive surgery leads to a reduction in recovery time, hospital stays and convalescence, and therefore in costs too. It has attracted wide interest from the media and society in general but has spread less than expected, mainly due to the high level of training required to practise it safely.

Access requirements

- Bachelor's Degree in Medicine.
Access is also open to graduates in equivalent studies from another higher education institution within or outside the European Higher Education Area, provided this gives access to master's programmes in the country of issue

Career opportunities

- Endoscopic surgical techniques are gradually becoming part of normal practice, so advanced knowledge of them is an important addition to any surgeon's curriculum vitae, especially if he or she has no previous training in this type of surgery.


Gemma Cabanell Castaño

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UAB-specific Master's Degree
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10 Edition
Places: 10
Orientation: Professional
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Modality: Onsite
Location: Hospital de San Pau. P Claret 167, 08025 Barcelona. Unitat Docent de San Pau UAB
Dates: from 01/01/2020 to 30/09/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (60%), Catalan (30%), English (10%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Cirugía
Collaborating centres:
Servei de Cirurgia. Hospital de Santpau

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