In the digital era, the knowledge and mastery of specific strategies and techniques in communication, marketing and internet are fundamental when looking to guarantee the success of businesses. The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication covers the needs of a large sector of professionals from a pluridisciplinary, updated and practical perspective.

The creation, development, optimisation and profitability of a Digital project is becoming increasingly complex, in which professionals with very different profiles and totally different backgrounds intervene. All contributions made by those implied are decisive in achieving the objectives. However, often the different parties implied work from diverse, sometimes completely opposite perspectives.

The programme is focused on providing web-specific training in online marketing and digital communication techniques, very useful to two different professional profiles: online marketing managers, institutional communication managers, User Experience technicians, web analysts, interaction designers, SEO consultants, community managers, developers, etc.

The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication aims to aid professionals in the sector to improve their knowledge of online media, increasing interactions among different profiles and putting it to use to obtain the desired results, all in synergy with a specific business strategy.


- Train professional to carry out and lead the creation, development, optimisation and profitability Marketing web projects.
- Offer an interdisciplinary training in internet media which will allow an internet strategy for companies and institutions to be defined.
- Contribute to the creation of a generation of hybrid professionals capable of reliably facing the technological, communication, marketing and business challenges involved in the development of an internet strategy.

- Offer professional programmers, information architects, designers, layout, copywriters and marketing managers specialist training in internet media and an overview of the elements involved.

Access requirements

- University graduates from the fields of communication, business administration, marketing and information technologies, etc.

- A university degree (minimum 180 ECTS credits) or equivalent demonstrating sufficient knowledge or experience in issues related to the programme.

Career opportunities

The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication strives to offer a programme with a high degree of specialisation for different professional profiles carrying out professional activities on the internet. At the same time it equips them with highly specific knowledge on the use of the web when looking to work on a business strategy.

Thanks to a clearly interdisciplinary approach, participants acquire a global vision of this sector of special importance for project managers, marketing directors, communication directors, web channel managers, webmasters, analysts and consultants.

At the same time, professionals with more specific responsibilities such as programmers, information architects, designers, layout designers, copywriters, product managers, etc. would be capable of working with more synergies to reach the objectives of the company.

Finally ,the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication is addressed to both professionals participating in or directing a web project for businesses or institutions and young entrepreneurs who regard the internet as the most profitable channel for their businesses, or for those who have found a niche in the market for their website as a business initiative.


Ďscar Coromina

Phone: 935814463


UAB-specific Master's Degree
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11 Edition
Places: 36
Orientation: Professional
Code: 2220/11
Price: 6600 Ą
Special price: 5940Ą
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Modality: Onsite
Location: Casa ConvalescŔncia, c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret 171, 08041 Barcelona
Dates: from 18/10/2019 to 26/09/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (95%), English (5%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Comunicaciˇn Audiovisual y Publicidad

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