The syllabus is divided into three modules (online communication, online marketing and management of online projects) and a master's dissertation. Previously there is an introductory phase in which two options are available: training in web technologies for students from the field of communication or marketing, or training in communication and marketing for students with a background in technology.

In short, the master's degree in Online Marketing and Communication provides top-level training to professionals already working in the internet sector or who are trained to do so: deepening their understanding of the web and of other related disciplines.

Subject Credits Type
Introduction to communication and marketing
6 ECTS Optional
Online marketing
15 ECTS Obligatory
Online communication
15 ECTS Obligatory
Management and execution of online innovation projects
9 ECTS Obligatory
Introduction to website technology
6 ECTS Optional
Master's dissertation
15 ECTS Obligatory

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