Graduate Diploma in Perception and Representation of Experiential Spaces


The graduate diploma in Perception and Representation of Experiential Spaces focuses above all on critical thinking and the generation of spatial perception, understood as a continent where scenes that attribute content occur, based on the conception and understanding of referents, context, the routes, the materials, the colors and the light.

Access requirements

- Bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Career opportunities

Design of interior and exterior spaces: domestic and commercial spaces, refurbishment, work and office spaces, public spaces and gardens, events and temporary spaces, stands, systems design for commercial chains and franchises, exhibition design, window display design. Works direction and management.


Berta Fort

Phone: 932030923



UAB Graduate Diploma

1 Edition
Places: 26
Orientation: Professional
Code: 4338/1
Price: 3600 ¤
Special price: 3240¤
Group of application:

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Modality: Onsite
Location: EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona , Passeig de Santa Eulàlia 25, Barcelona
Dates: from 09/11/2020 to 18/03/2021
Teaching language:
Spanish (90%), Catalan (10%)
Coordinating centres:
Eina, Centro Universitario de Diseño y Arte de Barcelona

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