One of the main characteristics of western society today in terms of food is the amount of excess: ingestion of food in quantities in excess of actual need which has led to the appearance of a health problem in epidemic proportions. Obesity can lead to many others pathologies such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and cancer.

But in today's consumer society imposes the idea of an ideal body on individuals and here we find problems of obesity and eating problems.

This course seeks to offer the necessary keys for understanding the phenomena dealt with as well as an appropriate approach to the situation both on a preventative level and as intervention once the problem has appeared.


This programme trains its students to intervene effectively in cases of eating disorders, both in prevention and palliative care.

The aim is to give students an integrated, wide-ranging view of nutrition by focusing on eating habits and the social context in which they are developed, and possible strategies to adopt.

Provision of educational guidelines to foster nutritional habits that are without harmful side-effects.

Access requirements

- Degree or Diploma in Health Sciences and/or Experimental Sciences

Career opportunities

The design and structure of the programme as well as the different levels and teaching methods used by the lecturers enable the training of experts specialising in an exhaustive knowledge of the complex interrelationships that exists between the different nutritional vectors and the main tools for applying knowledge acquired to dietetics.

Professional profile:

- Company dietician
- Specialist in dietetics in different sectors (hospitals, schools, catering, physical activities, etc.)


Marta Carrera Vallespin

Phone: 934125455



UAB Graduate Diploma

13 Edition
Places: 30
Orientation: Professional
Code: 1386/13
Price: 3950 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: IUSC, Centre d'Estudis Superiors. c/ Fontanella 19, Barcelona
Dates: from 18/10/2016 to 15/06/2017
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Pediatría, Obstetricia, Ginecología y Medicina Preventiva
Collaborating centres:
IUSC Centre d'Estudis Superiors

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