Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminal Intelligence


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This programme addresses the need for university training in advanced forensic techniques involving the latest computer applications, as initiated by the Diploma in Criminal Science, Info-analysis and Advanced Forensic Techniques, which preceded this programme, and further specialisation.

Like its predecessor, it provides high-level, eminently practical training in forensic specialisations, including the use of info-analysis systems in support of investigation, as shown by the fact that half the course hours are devoted to specialist laboratory work, allowing students to familiarise themselves with new technologies.

The programme is addressed to anyone involved in public safety and the law, or other graduates wishing to specialise in these techniques so as to intervene as professionals in the law courts.

Its students are trained to draft specialised reports on crimes, both within the field of document studies and intellectual and industrial property and that of forensic science and criminal intelligence.


Train and empower students to work together with the Department of Justice and the courts as a crime-scene officer and court forensic expert: able to collect forensic evidence and report on this in trials, combining various resources and methods (lophoscopy, ballistics, engineering and Advanced Techniques in forensic science) to reach an overall conclusion.

Enable students to specialise in forensic document studies, especially concerning issues of plagiarism and intellectual and industrial property, and specialist reports on printed documents, trademarks and patents.

Enable students to apply the principles of management by objectives and manage their own careers.

Access requirements

Bachelor's degree, pre-EHEA university diploma or equivalent.

Exceptionally, subject to the approval of the Graduate School, sufficient proven professional experience in the sector. (On passing the course, these students will receive a certificate of attendance only).

Student profiles include police officers, criminologists, detectives, jurists, lawyers, notaries public, court procurators, court officials, public records officers, brokers, teachers, biologists, chemists, forensic experts, private security officers, IT specialists, and linguists.

Career opportunities

- Inclusion on the lists of the Department of Justice and designation as a crime-scene officer and court forensic expert.

- Crime-scene officer designated in legal proceedings for technical and visual inspection, lophoscopy, ballistics, instrumental traces, accidentology or other areas of forensic science that are not restricted to holders of specific qualifications.

- Guidance on forensic issues for organisations, assessment of procedures, methodology, general or specific forensic reports.

- Forensic expert on document investigation (physical and digital), on forgery of documents and plagiarism.

- Specialist in document studies related to intellectual and industrial property, designated in legal proceedings.

- Participation in legal proceedings, through the duty rota or court designation lists, as a forensic specialist in intellectual and industrial property, with the professional category of Master.

- Preparation of pre-trial or extrajudicial reports or certificates, collaboration with public or private bodies, professional associations, or businesses combating fraud in intellectual and industrial property.

- Students who pass any of the specialisation courses within the Master's degree will be recognised by the professional associations that have agreements in place with the Institute of Graphic Sciences (ICG)and the Institutional Council of Forensic Science Teachers and Laboratory Directors, which gives them all the advantages provided by these organisations to students on programmes proposed by the ICG (courts' duty rotas, jobs bank, discounts, etc.).


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UAB Graduate Diploma

9 Edition
Places: 50
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3002/9
Price: 1980 ¤
Special price: 1782¤
Group of application:

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Casa de Convalencència, C. Sant Antoni Mª Claret 171, Barcelona
Dates: from 23/01/2021 to 06/11/2021
Teaching language:
Spanish (90%), English (8%), French (1%), Italian (1%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela de Prevención y Seguridad Integral
Collaborating centres:
Institut de Ciències del Grafisme

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