Graduate Diploma in Forensic Handwriting Analysis, Graphistics, Document Examination and Forensic Sociolinguistics

Training in professional skills for handwriting and document analysis using advanced identification and proof techniques to be able to work as a Court Calligraphy Expert

  • UAB Graduate Diploma
  • Code: 1976/15
  • 15th edition
  • Modality: Onsite
  • Credits: 30 ECTS
  • Start date: 08/04/2021
  • Finish date: 05/11/2021
  • Places: 50
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 1980 €
  • Special price 1881 €
    Group of application:
    Special price 1782 €
    Group of application:
  • Teaching language: Spanish (90%), Catalan (10%)
  • Location: Casa de Convalescència, Barcelona/ Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

This postgraduate course offer professional training in handwriting and document analysis for court work, using the most advanced techniques in identification and proof.  

The course is aimed at professionals working as notaries, lawyers, doctors and nurses, criminologists, public and private security workers, court workers, social workers, documentalists, procurers, administrative and chemical managers, among others. 


  • To offer the necessary training in expert legal handwriting analysis to be able to work for courts as well as in cases for the identification of the authors of written and printed documents, brands and patents
  • Enable students to be able to gather and compile proof in expert reports and defend them in legal processes, certifying and declaring their authenticity or not in any legal procedure under the orders of the court. 
  • Receive instruction in new techniques of graphistics, document study and forensic sociolinguistics to use in expert reports. 

Career opportunities

- Calligraphy expert professional activity designated by legal party in judicial procedures.

- Listed as court appointed calligraphy expert in judicial procedures.

- Pre-procedural or extra judicial reports or certifications, collaboration with professional boards, sports clubs or other entities for verification of graphical identity of the absentee voters


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