Graduate Diploma in Fascial Therapies. Skeletal and Visceral Normalization


After offering several successful editions of the continuous professional development course: Fascial Assessment and Treatment and the course Advanced-Level Fascial Approach, the time has come to set up a consolidated graduate diploma in this area. The Graduate Diploma in Fascial Therapies. Skeletal and Visceral Normalisation brings together the best of the two previous courses and broadens its syllabus to offer one of the most complete courses in this specialisation.

This graduate diploma aims to give professional training to physiotherapists in the use of fascial therapies as a treatment tool in the different areas of the profession.

As therapists we use the connective system provided by fascial tissue to achieve an integrated vision of the functioning of the organism, rather than treating it analytically segment by segment.

In the different therapeutic specialities more and more professional physiotherapists are using it to treat their patients, with manoeuvres that are non-aggressive but highly effective. They have found fascial therapy to be an ideal way of meeting their objectives.


- Acquire the knowledge, skills, techniques and processes necessary for practising as a professional user of fascial therapies.

- Acquire mastery of the manoeuvres that physiotherapists with this training can use in the different fields and specialisations of physiotherapy, both in prevention and in clinical care.

Access requirements

Diploma or Degree in Physiotherapy

Career opportunities

- Fascial therapies were first used in osteopathy, but their use has spread in recent years throughout the physiotherapy profession, to a point where they are now one of its most commonly used treatments.

- Fascial therapies can be used to treat a large number of skeletal and visceral disorders. For this reason they are highly useful to physiotherapists of any specialty. This course trains them to use these techniques with a large number of patients.

- Fascial Assessment and Treatment is now an important subject in the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy, and a graduate diploma in this area will provide professional practitioners with the knowledge to treat their patients holistically.

- Many physiotherapists look to these techniques as a way to treat certain common visceral dysfunctions, which means expanding their potential patient base beyond those with musculoskeletal disorders.

- This training is of interest both to hospital-based physiotherapists mainly treating patients sent through the social security system or insurance companies, and to those in private practice.

- Whatever their field, this form of treatment is ideal for working with patients of different ages in a way that is non-aggressive but highly effective.

- Fascial therapy is used in: osteopathy, physiotherapy in geriatrics, neurological physiotherapy, paediatrics, trauma, orthopaedics and many more specialities.


Ricard Tutusaus Homs

Phone: 667569087



UAB Graduate Diploma
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5 Edition
Places: 24
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3453/5
Price: 2950 ¤
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Modality: Onsite
Location: E.U. de Fisioteràpia Gimbernat, Av.Generalitat 202-204, 08174 Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona)
Dates: from 04/10/2019 to 13/06/2020
Teaching language:
Catalan (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela Universitaria de Enfermería y Fisioterapia Gimbernat
Collaborating centres:
Departament d'Anatomia i Embriologia Humanes. Facultat de Medicina de la Universitat de Barcelona

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