Graduate Diploma in Equine-Assisted Therapy & Prosocial Coaching: Communication and Emotions


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The postgraduate course in Equine-Assisted Therapy & Prosocial Coaching is a programme aimed at graduates and professionals within the ambit of psychology, anthropology, education, healthcare and business.

This course hopes to provide theoretical-practical training in the areas of prosociality and equine-assisted therapy, and to empower its participants to develop any form of prosocial intervention with a systemic focus.

The programme is structured in such a way that unites equine-assisted therapy and prosociality, because of the mutual strength of both theoretical frameworks in their practical and professional dimensions. The objective is to enable participants to apply and transfer these processes and techniques to their own ambits of professional interest so as to allow them to facilitate processes of empowerment, self-diagnosis and self-training in others.


- Learn the different modes of equine therapies, their benefits and their contraindications.
- Acquire the knowledge necessary to use horses as a resource in teaching, therapy and rehabilitation.
- Learn to apply the different interventions at the psycho-educational level.
- Learn the risks of incorrectly using equine therapy techniques.

- Learn the pathologies and disorders that can be treated using therapeutic horseback riding and social equine-assisted therapy.
- Promote and facilitate the self-diagnosis of communication styles and personal optimisation design in participants.
- Introduce students to prosocial coaching in different contexts: teaching and learning, the family, organisations and work.
- Design, develop and apply personal plans for prosocial optimisation in participants' chosen contexts.
- Learn and apply focus-group and visualisation techniques to generate participation from a prosocial, didactic perspective.

Access requirements

- Graduates and diploma holders
- Other applicants without formal qualifications who can accredit their professional experience in this ambit; a pre-entry interview will be required in such cases. These applicants will receive a certificate on successful completion of the modules.

Career opportunities

- Monitor in equine-assisted therapy.
- Equine-assisted therapy, coordinator of equine-assisted-therapy teams.
- Trainer in the ambit of equine-assisted therapy and prosociality.
- Management of working teams.
- Prosocial consultant specialising in equine-assisted-therapy ambits.
- Promoter of healthcare-intervention projects.
- Social researcher into participative methods.
- Manager of equine-assisted-therapy centres.
- Group and individual assessor in prosociality.
- Consultant and researcher in group strategies for conflict resolution.
- Human-relations revitaliser.
- Trainer in social skills healthcare mediators.


Carlos Carrasco Roig

Phone: 935814443


UAB Graduate Diploma

5 Edition
Places: 35
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3466/5
Price: 3330 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Facultat de Veterinària
Dates: from 23/10/2020 to 05/06/2021
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psicología Básica, Evolutiva y de la Educación
Collaborating centres:

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