The aim of graphic design is to make a wide range of graphic messages entertaining and visually interesting.

Although, unlike other types of visual communication such as advertising, it does not necessarily set out to persuade or exclusively orientate the customer, it does intend to create graphic identities and to direct campaigns for institutions and companies, or brands and products.

This aim is achieved through a mastery of graphic language in terms of both visual and verbal elements. In that sense, there is a clear need for a broad mastery of typography, the element can transform graphic design into a key element both in printed products and many other formats.

The postgraduate Diploma in Design of Graphic Elements looks at the specific parts of graphic design in terms of the objectives and programme for design, resources, materials and also management and direction of projects using those graphic elements, which can be physically reproduced (physical rather than digital formats).

This is a professional course and completes more general education in the field such as design degrees or other design specialisations (interiors, product design, industrial design, fashion or textiles).

The contexts are also aimed, however, at professionals making intensive use of graphic design applications who need to play an active role in project management and production.

This programme offers professional competence in the different tasks involved in graphic design processes whether in freelance work or agencies and studio that offer graphic design services, as well as the graphic design departments of companies and institutions.


The training objectives of the Graduate Certificate in Graphic Elements Design are, in general, to acquire theoretical and practical skills needed to pursue a career in offline graphic design.

In the case of having prior knowledge in the field of design (of products, interior decorating, etc.) or in communication (advertising, audiovisual communication, etc.), the Master in Graphic Design can help you complement your training with graphic design skills, thus acquiring a more multidisciplinary and a professionally more competent profile. In the case of having no prior training, you will acquire a strong basis in knowledge, as well as personal and professional skills, which will allow you to enter this professional sector.

At a more specific level, the objectives of the Graduate Certificate aim to provide you with theoretical and practical skills needed to:

- Understand the functioning of business, technical and cultural environments in which graphic design tasks take place.
- Develop analytical and critical abilities with which to be able to diagnose problems in graphic communication, and propose adequate and innovative improvements.
- Master verbal and visual languages with the aim of making graphic proposals and projects understandable to different professionals (printers, computer programmers, clients, non-specialised public, etc.).
- Succeed in directing and managing all types of offline graphic designs.

Access requirements

The programme is addressed mainly to those with qualifications in advanced vocational training courses, preferibly in Product Design or Interior Decorating, and in degrees in Fine Arts, Advertising and Public Relations, or Journalism.

To be admitted to the graduate programme and obtain the graduate certificate, you must hold a university qualification and have earned at least 180 ECTS credits.

Career opportunities

Publishing design, books and periodicals, layout, corporate identity and company and public organisation images, development of brand image, art management, design of graphic interfaces, design for television, interactive and multimedia design, and typographic creation.


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UAB Graduate Diploma
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Places: 25
Orientation: Professional
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Modality: Onsite
Location: EINA, Escola de Disseny i Art, Passeig de Santa Eulālia 25, Barcelona
Dates: from 25/09/2019 to 30/01/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (95%), Catalan (5%)
Coordinating centres:
Eina, Centro Universitario de Diseņo y Arte de Barcelona

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