This course has been designed in accordance with the Spanish Association for Dance Movement Therapy (ADMTE) with the support of existing structures in the UK and USA such as the Masters degree at the Laban Centre of London City University and Hahneman University in Philadelphia. Since 2007 it has formed part of ECARTE (European Consortium for the Arts in Education), the European network for university courses in creative therapies.

The main objective of this course is to offer a broad introduction to Dance Movement Therapy (DMT). It is offered to professionals from psychology, teaching, social work, occupational therapy, dance and movement teachers and others. DMT is an interdisciplinary profession that is based on the union of motion and emotion: it uses psychotherapeutic theory and methods and is based on research into non-verbal communication, developmental psychology and systems of analysis for movement. It is increasingly recognised within the field of creative therapies.

There is an opportunity to continue DMT training at Masters level for those students who wish to do so. Students should have passed the postgraduate course and fulfil the entrance requirements for UAB-specific Masters degrees as well as attending an interview with the course coordinator.

Access requirements

The postgraduate diploma is especially aimed at professionals from the fields of psychology, teaching, social work, occupational therapy, dance and movement teachers and others.
In both cases applicants will have to pass an introductory course and interview. Special consideration will be given to applicants with experience in expressive dance and movement.

Career opportunities

This course does not offer any training in DMT, but rather an extensive introduction to its application, some of its techniques and tools.

Without having to complete the clinical practice and supervision hours, professionals in this programme can learn techniques closely related to DMT and integrate them into their professional and personal requirements.

Students who complete this graduate certificate in DMT cannot register as full members of the Spanish Association of Dance Movement Therapy (ADMTE), but they may join as associate members.


Rosa Mongay Soler

Phone: 935868028



UAB Graduate Diploma

12 Edition
Places: 29
Orientation: Professional
Code: 1611/12
Price: 2070 ¤
Special price: 1863¤
Group of application: Alumni UAB Premium

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Edifici de Participació. Plaça Cívica. UAB, Bellaterra (Barcelona)
Dates: from 18/10/2019 to 30/07/2020
Teaching language:
Spanish (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Departamento de Psicología Clínica y de la Salud
Collaborating centres:
Aula de Dansa-Cultura en Viu (Vicerectorat d'Estudiants i de Cultura)

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