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  • UAB Specialisation Course
  • Code: 4184/3
  • 3rd edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Start date: 12/04/2021
  • Finish date: 20/06/2021
  • Places: 50
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 225 Ą
  • Special price 203 Ą
    Group of application:
  • Teaching language: Spanish
  • Location: Online
The evidence currently available suggests that mental health problems in pregnancy and postpartum, which are highly prevalent (around 25%), can be severe and there is a risk of recurrence and/or chronification.

We know that in this period there are specific psychopathological disorders that range from maternal stress and anxiety to perinatal depression, puerperal psychoses, anxiety towards the newborn and impulse phobias.

Although the clinical-practice guides recommend the use of psychiatric drugs for some of these disorders, healthcare professionals tend to prescribe them only sparingly in the perinatal period, to avoid any harmful effects on the embryo or newborn. In doing so, they ignore the suffering of a mother with a mental illness and the impact of this untreated illness on the embryo or newborn.
In recent years there has been an exponential growth in research into the risks and effects of psychiatric drugs in the perinatal period. This course will teach the indications of psychiatric drugs, the therapeutic choice of lower-risk ones, obstetric and neonatal complications in their use, and the consequences of not treating mothers with a mental illness. On that basis, we will be able to make shared decisions based on the scientific evidence.


- Planning for pregnancy in women with a mental illness.
- Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of psychiatric drugs during pregnancy and the postpartum.
- Indications of psychiatric drugs in the perinatal period.
- Safe prescription of drugs in pregnancy and during the lactation period.

Career opportunities

- Perinatal mental health teams
- Primary care professionals
- Sexual and reproductive healthcare centres
- Private-sector services
- Associations and organisations in the field of women's health
- Specialisation in perinatal mental health within the healthcare profession

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Departamento de PsicologÝa ClÝnica y de la Salud


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