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  • UAB Specialisation Course
  • Code: 3651/5
  • 5th edition
  • Modality: Online
  • Credits: 3 ECTS
  • Start date: 05/03/2021
  • Finish date: 05/06/2021
  • Places: 40
  • Orientation: Professional
  • Price: 500 Ą
  • Teaching language: Spanish
Following the creation of the European Higher Education Area, universities have focused on passing their knowledge on to the world of professional practice. The Department of Animal Medicine and Surgery of the Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona began to pursue this same goal nearly 30 years ago, when we first launched our courses in Ophthalmology, and continued with initiatives like our conferences on anaesthesia and on surgery, attended by many veterinarians.

Drawing on an analysis of the training needs of veterinarians working in the field of small animal clinical care and on the experience we have built up over nine editions of our postgraduate diploma in Small Animal Clinical Care, we have learned that practising veterinarians are interested in taking the diploma's different specialties separately. Now, in addition, they can do so from their own homes.


- Neurological examination and location of lesions.
- Most frequent surgical conditions of the spinal cord.
- Most frequent non-surgical conditions of the spinal cord: vascular accidents, degenerative diseases.
- Seizures and epilepsy.
- Cranioencephalic trauma.
- Lower motor neuron conditions.
- Various conditions with intracranial symptomatology.

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Departamento de Medicina y CirugÝa Animal


Rosa Isabel Ferrer Zapata

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