Course in Methodological Applications for Action-Research


This course offers analytical and methodological tolos, derived from ecological economics, for a comprehensive approach to the study of political ecology. It includes Q-methodology, MultiCriteria Analysis, the Analysis of Social Metabolism and surveys.


The purpose of this module is to familiarize students with principles and techniques of qualitative social research. The course will be divided in two parts. The first (4 hours, Diego Andreucci) will provide an introduction to basic principles of social research design and qualitative investigative methods, focusing specifically on the case study method and its application to the investigation of concrete social situations. The second part of the course (6 hours, Christos Zografos), will introduce Q methodology and explain how it can be used to explore conflicting views in collective decision-making processes. One class will focus on explaining the method, its steps/process, and what it serves, and another class will illustrate key applications and empirical case examples using Q methodology.
The course first offers the basic tools on how to design, test and execute a survey in different contexts and fields. Next, some techniques for data collection, processing and analysis are presented, all in the context of multiple practical examples.
The course ďAnalyzing social metabolismĒ provides an introduction into the conceptual foundations of social metabolism and an overview of how to apply the most common approaches to its quantitative analysis.
The course presents the combination of participatory approaches and multicriteria evaluation methods applied to public policies. The course will introduce theoretical and practical characteristics of multicriteria models and their suitability in public decision making. The course will balance conventional lecturing and case study development by the students.

Access requirements

- Undergraduate degree
- Knowledge of written and spoken English
Our program is suitable for graduate students interested in a professional carreer and students who already have a master's (or even a PhD) and want to switch to a research career and a PhD (or post-doc) on political ecology, environmental justice or degrowth. Students might also benefit from the option of taking selected modules of our program, as necessary for their needs, instead of the full Master program.


Gonzalo Gamboa Jimenez


UAB Specialisation Course

2 Edition
Places: 50
Code: 3870/2
Price: 594 §
Special price: 535§
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Modality: Onsite
Location: Escuela de Postgrado y Formaciůn Continuada, Campus Bellaterra, UAB
Dates: from 03/02/2020 to 03/04/2020
Teaching language:
English (100%)
Coordinating centres:
Instituto de Ciencia y TecnologŪa Ambientales
Title obtained:
Certificate of achievement of the Methodological Applications for Action-Research

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