-Legal framework of the criminal or judicial specialised expert report.
Criminal legal assessment
Action of the judicial or criminal expert witness in legal, criminal, civil, commercial and employment proceedings

-Law applied to intellectual property
Patents, utility models, topographies, certificates.
Industrial design, brand.
Rights and prohibitions. Licence. Internationals agreements on intellectual property. International legislation WTO, WIPO, Conventions, European Union Directives, OHIM. National legislation. OEPM. ANDEMA. Offences related with intellectual property.

- Law applied to intellectual property
Concept of the author, author’s rights and the right to exploit the work, types of works, special protection for software programmes. Moral rights. Asset rights. Rights related to the exploitation of the work or protected use. Compensatory rights. Piracy. Offences related with intellectual property. Civil liability. Protection mechanisms. European legislation, international legislation. Domestic legislation.

-Expert witness reports in the field of patents and brands and their defence before court
- Specialized criminal expert witness reports
Protocols of action depending on specialization. Preparation, drafting and interpretation of reports.

- Documentoscopic report
Study of the methods and elements of printing and its characteristics.
Advanced methodology of documentoscopy. Image, Technological Laboratory, Photography and Video techniques. Criminal laboratory, documentoscopy section and chemistry section.

- Graphistic documentoscopy report applied to creative originality and imitation
Specialization with the bases of each design to capture the intrinsic characteristics of authentic works and compare them with dubious works.

-Verification and expert witness reports on textile products,
Comparative analysis of the essential identifying elements of brands in comparison with imitations, with a special look at current case studies.

- Verification and expert witness reports on musical products
Definition of phonogramme. Types of piracy. Structure and manufacturing processes of CDs. Identification codes. Study of CDR.

- Verification and expert witness reports on watches
Analysis of the essential and identifying elements in watch quality and a comparison of the main brands with the most frequent systems of plagiarism that appear.

- Verification and expert witness reports on toys
Study of the quality particularities of branded toys and the most frequent systems of plagiarism

- Verification and expert witness reports on new supports, covers and the design of industrial products
An in-depth look at the generic and specifics elements of the main industrial products for an assessment of the intrinsic authenticity of the brand, e.g. shoes, perfumes, drinks, etc.

Students will apply documentoscopy and graphoscopy methodology to the diverse types of products that may require an expert witness report, adapting them to the specific circumstances and conditions which facilitate the main knowledge in the area itself and the interdisciplinary area.

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UAB Specialisation Course

4 Edition
Places: 50
Orientation: Professional
Code: 3037/4
Price: 800 ¤

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Modality: Onsite
Location: Casa de Convalencència, C. Sant Antoni Mª Claret 171, Barcelona
Dates: from 02/06/2016 to 30/11/2016
Teaching language:
Spanish (90%), English (8%), French (1%), Italian (1%)
Coordinating centres:
Escuela de Prevención y Seguridad Integral
Collaborating centres:
Institut de Ciències del Grafisme