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Course in Anaesthesia, Analgesia and Euthanasia of Laboratory animals

This course covers anaesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia of the main species of laboratory animals and their impact on animal welfare and experimental results.

In the event of seats remaining once the final date of application is expired, the direction may prolongue it.

Online application

Very important: before registering in the application, you must carefully read the information you will find on this page to have the required documentation ready and confirm that you meet the access requirements, and that the registration process is open.

The application interface will ask you to specify the study type (master's degree, diploma or specialisation coruse) and the codes of study and edition of the programme to which you want to enroll. Data from this program are: Study: 2274 and Edition: 17

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Application dates

from 27/09/2019 to 21/07/2021

Access requirements

Degree in biology, medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy or other university graduates in other disciplines including zoology, anatomy and physiology animals and having a job related to the field of animal experimentation.

Notice of admission

The admission resolution will be sent to the e-mail address you specify when you fill the application. In this e-mail you will receive detailed information of the enrolment procedure.

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