The Department of Medicine contributes to the medical investigation with a doctoral program since the year 1986/87, which has been extended indefinitely to this day. The research tradition of our department is also reflected in the large number of doctoral theses that have been read.

The Doctorate in Medicine is composed of three areas of knowledge which are being treated in the following research teams:

  • Medicine
  • Radiology and Physical Medicine
  • Dermatology

These areas have a few lines of research that include the most important aspects in the care and investigation plane.

Our areas of expertise are linked to distinct specialties in the field of health sciences.

Currently a Doctorate of Medicine is regulated by Royal Decree 99/2011.

PhD RD 99/2011

The Doctor of Medicine program governed by Royal Decree 99/2011 is the one which is effective from the 2013-2014 academic year.

Although for years the idea prevailed that the PhD was a graduate training period and the aim was to achieve the degree of doctor, at this time the current PhD is seen as a training period in which the most important is not new knowledge as such but scientific methodology, the acquisition of competences and skills related to quality scientific research. In consequence, we could realize the objectives of the program are:

  • Training of research personnel by attending training activities.
  • Development of a research project
  • Completion of the doctoral thesis

The doctoral program ends with the defence of an original doctoral thesis.

To carry out this doctoral education doctoral students will be mentored by people whose research curriculum has shown they are able to train new researchers. These people are one or more thesis supervisor/s, which is/are the head/s in the conduct of all research tasks and an academic tutor, who is responsible for the adequacy of training and research in the principles of doctoral programs and the Doctoral School.

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