Master’s Degree in Prehistory, Antiquity and Middle Ages

The MA in Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages aims primarily at graduates in History, Art History, Humanities, Philology, Anthropology, Biology, Geology.

The main objectives are to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain advanced knowledge in the field of Archaeology, thus enabling students to develop their research skills and equip them for the profession of archaeologist.

MA website

MA coordinator: Jordi Cortadella Morral


Master’s Degree in Egiptology

The objective of the UAB master's degree in Egyptology is to train professional Egyptologists, i.e. provide students with the contents and competences to allow them to become professionals in the academic and research sector (continuing on to a PhD programme), as well as in the museum sector, in Egyptian fieldwork and in other professional fields.
MA website MA coordinator: Josep Cervelló Autuori

Inter-university Master’s Degree in Medieval European Identity (Interuniversity)

The Inter-university Master's Degree in Medieval European Identity provides training in the different approaches to research into the middle ages. It therefore leads into PhD programmes in medieval history and archaeology, history of medieval art, and medieval philologies and literatures.
MA website MA coordinator:: Fèlix Retamero Serralvo

Inter-university Master’s Degree in Ancient Mediterranean

The aim of this MA program is to train professionals who know and can handle data, procedures and critical, reflexive and interpretative analysis techniques regarding the ancient world's different cultures. It seeks to promote competences in professional and research practice in this field of study.
MA website MA coordinator: Borja Antela Bernárdez

Inter-university Master’s Degree in Classical Archaeology

The Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology trains students in archaeological methodologies and offers them a professional qualification, as well as the chance to specialise in proto-historical archaeology, Greek and Roman archaeology and archaeology of late antiquity.

MA website MA coordinator: Joaquim Pera Isern



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