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  • Alternative Housing Conditions to Improve Performance and Welfare in Lactating Sow and Piglet

    In order to satisfy the increasing demand for food around the world, intensive animal husbandry would always be one of the solutions. Additionally, as the society of the EU has been widely aware of animal welfare, farrowing crate system would eventually fade out in few decades. It is therefore indispensable to study alternative housing conditions for lactating sow and piglet to enhance their welfare and ultimately result in better performance.
    The objectives of the studies are to investigate:
    1. Combined effects of early-socialization and neonatal enriched environment on adaptability of regrouping and performance
    2. Development of suckling piglet’s behavior and performance in farrowing crate and farrowing pen systems
    3. Seasonal effect of space use for loose sow in farrowing pen under Mediterranean climate conditions