Foto de Xavier Manteca
  • Biography
  • PhD, School of Veterinary Science, UAB, 1992.
    MSc, University of Edinburgh, UK, 1991
    BVSc, School of Veterinary Science, UAB, 1987.
  • Research lines
  • During my PhD I worked in digestive physiology. Since 1992 I have been working in animal behaviour and animal welfare. In particular, I have conducting research on (1) welfare problems during transport and at slaughter in pigs and sheep; (2) on farm welfare assessment in cattle and pigs; (3) social behaviour in cattle and pigs; (4) companion animal behaviour and welfare; (5) neonatal mortality in pigs, and (6) pain assessment in farm and companion animals. Currently, my main area of interest is welfare assessment in farm, companion and zoo animals, using a combination of behavioural, physiological and health-related indicators.