Foto de Montse Mor-Mur
  • Biography
  • Ph.D., Veterinary Faculty, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1991
    M.Sc., Food technology, Universitat Politècnica de València, 1984
    B.Sc., Biology Faculty, Universita de Barcelona, 1982
  • Areas of knowledge
  • The overall objective of my academic appointment is teaching undergraduate students in the areas of Food Science and Technology, Meat Science and Technology and Food Sensory Quality, as well as training Masters and Ph.D. students in the Food Processing area through the development of research in meat and derived products.
  • Research lines
  • I have been working in food safety, physic-chemical, organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of meat, poultry and derived products since my PhD by means of studying classical methods and  improvements or difficulties of new technologies applied to this food matrix. As new processes, until now I have worked mainly in with high-pressure processing and irradiation. Recently I have introduced two different goals: a) the study of cold-plasma and UV-C to decrease the microbial counts in meat and derived products (mainly ready-to-eat) as well as meat environments; b) the use of in-line optical sensors to control meat processes as tumbling whole pieces or  chopping and emulsification in order to increase yields and benefits.