Membres del grup de recerca que lidera Aurora Ruiz-Herrera a l'IBB

How do genomes evolve between species? The key role of 3D structure in male germ cells

A study led by scientists at the UAB and University of Kent uncovers how the genome three-dimensional structure of male germ cells determines how genomes evolve over time. Published in Nature Communications and carried out in rodent species, shows that the distinctive events occurring during egg and sperm cell production have a different impact on genome evolution and opens new research paths into the genetic origin of genome structure in all organisms.

Estudi de l'INC-UAB sobre esclerosi múltiple

A new treatment reduces inflammation in multiple sclerosis mice models

A team led by the Institut de Neurociències at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (INc-UAB) managed to reduce chronic inflammation associated with multiple sclerosis in mice thanks to the administration of a type of lipid that mediates inflammation. The team found that these types of mediator substances, responsible for resolving the inflammatory process when it is no longer beneficial, are minimized in people with multiple sclerosis as well as in animal models of the disease. The use of these mediators could become a good strategy for the treatment of this autoimmune disease.