The Department of English and Germanic Studies offers a Degree in English Studies and also works with the Catalan, Spanish, French and Classical Languages departments of the UAB to provide undergraduates with the option of a shared major that involves coursework from these departments and our own.

In addition, we offer courses in English language at other university centres. At the UAB’s Educational Sciences Institute, for example, we provide language training for students preparing to be primary school teachers in the Teaching Diploma program. We also offer courses for the Institute’s  Master’s in Secondary School Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching. Likewise, we provide English instruction for the Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology.

In terms of post-graduate options, the Department offers a quality-certified Master’s in Advanced English Studies with specializations in Multilingualism and the Acquisition of English on the one hand and Literature and Cultural Studies on the other, in a addition to a PhD in English Linguistics or Literature. Both Master’s and PhD programs are fully compliant with the guidelines established for higher education under the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).
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Department of English anb German
Edifici B (UAB)
Facultat de Filosofia i Lletres
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