VT in International Trade

These are Learning Units for which you can register each academic year, with the corresponding number of hours and subject area.

If you are taking the 3for2 course, the Modules marked with an asterisk (*) are eligible for official recognition.

First year
Code Professional module Code - Learning unit Hours
MP01 Administrative management of international trade (*) (*) UF1. International organisations and standards 22
UF2. Intra-community transactions 22
UF3. Transactions with third countries 33
UF4. Customs management 33
MP02 International funding UF1. Instruments to manage foreign exchange risk 33
UF2. Financing foreign trade 22
UF3. Financial instruments to support exports 22
MP04 Economic and financial management of companies (*) UF1. Entrepreneurship, business creation, investment and financing 33
UF2. Purchasing and treasury operations 33
UF3. Business accounting and taxation 44
MP05  International transport of goods (*) UF1. International transport by land: road and rail 66
MP06  Storage logistics  (*) UF1. Legal framework and packaging standards in national and international trade 33
UF2. Organisation of space and the packaging process 33
UF3. Stock management and supervision 33
MP07  International marketing UF1. Company internationalisation strategies 33
UF2. Operational and international marketing 44
UF3. International marketing plan 22
MP08  Market information system UF2. Exploitation of international market prospection 33
UF1  International markert prospection 33
MP09  International negotiation UF1. International contracting 33
UF2. International negotiation strategies 33
MP11 English (*) UF1. Technical English (first year) 66
MP12  Second foreign Language: French (*) UF1. Second foreign Language: French (first year) 66
MP13  Training and career guidance (*) UF1. Starting work 33
UF2. Occupational risk prevention 33
MP16 Business Chinese UF1. Business Chinese (frst year) 66
Second year
Code Professional module Code - Learning unit Hours
MP03  International payment methods UF1. Selection and management of simple methods of payment 22
    UF2. Selection and management of documentary methods of payment 44
MP05  International goods transport UF2. Transport of international goods by sea and by air 66
MP10 International digital trade UF1. Tools for international digital trade 44
    UF2. International digital marketing plan 22
MP11 English UF1. Technical english (2nd year) 66
MP12  Second foreign language: French UF1. Second foreign language: French (second year) 66
MP14  International trade project UF1. International trade project 264
MP15 Training in work centres Training in work centres 416
MP16 Business Chinese (UAB-specific module) UF1. Business Chinese (second year) 33