Interlibrary loan for external institutions

Libraries or research centers can use the interlibrary loan service to request documents from the UAB libraries.

This service also alows you to:

  • Check the status of your request
  • Download the requested reproductions
  • Contact the Service

Any type of material and format that appears in the UAB catalog as Available: books, journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, audiovisual material, microfilms and microfiches.

To place a request you will need to complete an inter-library loan request form entering your ID number (NIU) and password. If you are using the ILL by the first time you must register previously and wait until you receive a confirmation message within 24 workdays (except Christmas and Easter).

You can also request documents via:


Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona
Servicio de Bibliotecas
Préstamo Interbibliotecario
Edificio N, Planta 1 (Plaza Cívica)
08193 Bellaterra, Barcelona

Books generally take at least 2 days to arrive after a request is submitted, and most articles take 24-48 hours to arrive.

The payment will have to be made, preferably, by bank transfer to the current account number IBAN ES96 2100 0424 3202 0002 5001 of Caixabank.

Loan of books
Copies of articles and parts of books
 Digitization of theses and other
Universities (set of 1 to 40 copies + 1€ for each set of 10 additional copies)
Private and Public entities (set of 1 to 40 copies + 1€ for each set of 10 additional copies)
Spain 8€


10€ Microfilming: photograms according to expenses. Printing: 0,40€/unit according to the provider's estimate
Europe 24€
Other countries 36€

These fees do not apply to CSUC members. CSUC sets its own rates.

You can not request for documents from the UAB libraries if you are not afiliated to with any library. The UAB library fills interlibrary loan requests from other libraries, but not from individuals. If you want a loan or a copy you can request the item through your library's ILL service.

The long-term loan period is 30 days. The audiovisual material is lent 15 days. You can request a renewal for a maximum of 15 days.

When a center loses a document, it has to buy another copy.