Meat Digital Memory

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Veterinary Library

Meat Digital Memory (MCD) is the result of the digital scans project of the official veterinarian's slides Xavier Fàbregas i Comadran, between 1988 and 2012. It encloses the professional scope of the veterinary meat inspection and the quality of carcasses, meats and offals from a southern European perspective of animal production and meat consumption.

Documentary type and number of documents: The collection actually have 120 registers, with more than 5.000 pictures. The objective is to offer all professionals, researchers and students a digital consultation instrument with a comprehensive treatment in some subjects which can be useful for continuing education and teaching. The collection can only be consulted in digital format.

Limit dates: <1988-2012>

Date of incorporation: 2016

Depository Library: Veterinary Library

Where to consult the documentation: DDD

Rights: The documents in this collection are subject to a Creative Commons License. The total or partial reproduction and public communication of the work is permitted, provided it is not for commercial purposes, and provided that authorship of the original work is acknowledged. The creation of derivative works is not allowed.