Manuel Romero-Fiol’s music collection

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Description of the collection:
Manuel Romero-Fiol, a professional economist and a great fan of music, began to buy books driven by his desire to learn more about the music he was interested in. Over the years, and especially making the most of traveling abroad, Romero-Fiol was enlarging his magnificent library by acquiring the latest studies on music and pampering his collection until reaching an almost complete knowledge in some topics. The collection basically includes monographs and reference manuals on repertoires of classical music from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with special interest in musical genres such as opera, ballet and the American musical theater. It is worth highlighting the most complete bibliographies on several authors, but especially on figures like Giacomo Puccini, Mahler, Wagner, Stravinsky or George Gershwin and the American musical theater, although we also find a very extensive bibliographical collection on the Ballets Russes.

The collection came thanks to Mercedes Conde, current director of the Revista Musical Catalana, who knew the existence of the Romero-Fiol’s library and the interest that could have for students and researchers. The donation was made through Professor Francesc Cortès of the Department of Art and Musicology at the UAB.

Limit dates: 1939-2016

Date of incorporation: 2015

Depository library: Humanities Library

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