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Description of the collection:
Hypatia Trust is an educational organization in the United Kingdom that promotes women's rights through research and the educational activities it organizes. These activities are focused on issues that affect women in the fields of the family, community and society, as well as in supporting their concerns.

One of the main goals of Hypatia Trust is to collect and make available to the public documentation about the achievements of women in all aspects of their lives. The development of the Hypatia Collection, a unique set of documentation on and for women that is now the University of Exeter, has been one of its core activities. Created in 1996, it contains extensive collections of archives (notebooks, newspapers, letters), books, magazines, audiovisuals, etc. that illustrate the role of women in history and contemporary life . One of the purposes of Hypatia Trust is to disseminate its collection through various educational institutions and, thanks to the mediation of Professor Aránzazu Usandizaga, of the Department of English and Germanic Philology, part of this collection is now at the Humanities Library.

The Hypatia Trust Collection consists of almost 900 books on Literature, Culture, Society and History written by women or about women, all in the English language.

Limit dates: 1885-2014

Date of incorporation: 2015

Depository library: Humanities Library

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Contact: bib.humanitats@uab.cat