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The collection of historical veterinary journals is a specialized collection that aims to support the study and the search of veterinary history in the Catalan field, with the highlight Revista Veterinaria de España (1907-1936), preceded by Revista Pasteur (1906-1907); or the Revista de Higiene y Sanidad Veterinarias (1911-1936), preceded by Revista Pasteur (1906-1907); or the Revista de Higiene y Sanidad Veterinarias (1911-1917) continued by Revista de Higiene y Sanidad Pecuarias (1917-1936), through which characters such as Josep Farreras or Félix Gordón that founded and scientifically consolidated the veterinary profession in Spain. Also note the titles of the end of the XIX: El Zookeryx, o, el Pregonero de los animales (1876-1880); El Naturalista: revista ilustrada: historia natural, zootecnia, agricultura, sport (1886-1891); and El Albéitar: periódico científico y defensor de los intereses morales y materiales de los profesores de Albeiteria (1835-1855), as the first professional veterinary journal published in Catalonia. In the field of agricultural sciences, it is necessary to emphasize: Agricultura: revista agrícola catalana (1917-1927) continued by Agricultura i ramaderia (1928-1936). And also the scientific and divulging work carried out by Salvador Castelló with his Real Escuela Oficial de Avicultura de Arenys de Mar, and his official journals: La avicultura práctica: boletín mensual ilustrado (1896-1919), continued by Mundo avícola: revista mensual ilustrada de información y cultura avícola mundial (1922-1936).
Descripción de la colección: Collection that collects journals of historical value in veterinary subjects, animal husbandry, medicine, agriculture and other related sciences. Gather a total of 20 titles of journals in paper format and/or digitalized with the collaboration of the Associació Catalana d'Història de la Veterinària. For the creation of this collection, funding has been received from the Consell de Col·legis Veterinaris de Catalunya (CCVC), the timely help of calls for the conversion of digital funds through repositories of the Culture Ministry, and the collaboration of the institutions such as Veterinary Faculty. Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Zaragoza, Girona Veterinary College, Arxiu Municipal d'Història de Barcelona and the Escuela Oficial de Avicultura de Arenys de Mar.

Limit dates: <1824-1981>

Date of incorporation:  Unknown

Depository library: Veterinary Library

Where to consult the documentation:
• Collection on paper Veterinary Library; Arxiu Històric de Barcelona; Miguel Ángel Vives (teacher Veterinary Faculty Universidad de Extremadura); Museu Darder; Real Escuela de Avicultura; Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Universidad de Zaragoza
• Digitized collection: DDD
Contact: Bib.Veterinaria@uab.cat