Antique magazines of art and culture

Col·leccions Especials
Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives (UAB Study Room)

Collection of artistic and literary magazines, mainly Catalan, between the beginning of the nineteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. The importance of the collection lies in it's quantitative and qualitative reach. The publications include all the literary, poetic and artistic production of an era that includes artistic movements covering from modernism to more avant-garde movements.
The chronological coverage of the collection offers the researcher an inestimable source for the study of this historical period, rich in artistic creation and in the reconstruction of a Catalan national identity.

Description of the collection: It includes 600 titles of magazines, most of them in an excellent state of conservation. The diverse digitisation projects carried out contribute to the preservation of this heritage, which can be consulted through diverse digital repositories, DDD, MDC or ARCA.

Collection deadlines: 1805-1960

Incorporation date of the Collection: 1971-1998

Depositary library: Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives

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