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Personal collection of Ramón Ortiz Fornaguera (1916-1974), a physicist and mathematician trained at the University of Barcelona who worked at the Nuclear Energy Board. His professional career is relevant to understand university physics in the first Franco regime and the development of nuclear sciences in the dictatorship.
Description of the collection: The collection consists of documents ceded for digitization by Teresa Ortiz, daughter of R. Ortiz, thanks to the mediation of the researchers Pablo Soler, Gonzalo Gimeno and Mercè Xipell, who have scanned and prepared a first catalog of this material. The documents include the correspondence of Ortiz (298) and 83 documents related to his training and professional activity. The collection also includes most of Ortiz's published works and some manuscripts related to these works (48). Some of these documents have been used in the doctoral thesis of Gonzalo Gimeno, La matemática de los quanta en España (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​2015). See also Gonzalo Gimeno, Pablo Soler and Mercè Xipell, Descripción del Archivo Ramón Ortiz Fornaguera, Actes d'Història de la Ciència i de la Tècnica,, 6 (2014), 117-28.
In the classification and edition of the registries for their incorporation into the DDD, Mireia Bachs i Rosa Pujol (UAB Science and Technology Library, UAB)  have collaborated, in addition to the researchers mentioned above; Carlos Acosta (Center for Studies of the History of the Sciences, CEHIC, UAB); and Miquel Carandell (CEHIC, UAB). This action has been supported by the Servei d'Arxius de Ciència  and the project HAR2011-27308 Physics, culture and politics in Spain, of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.
Limit dates: 1933-1974
Date of incorporation: 2013
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