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Ana Simon (born on June 21, 1938 in Romania) is a film and documentary director, as well as a poet, translator and playwright. She was married to the Swiss actor François Simon, son of the actor Michel Simon. In 2011, Ana Simon signed an agreement with the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona to donate part of her documentary collection and her personal library.

Description of the collection: Her personal collection consists mainly of documentation about her creative work, both in the field of film and documentary film, as well as in the field of literature. The collection includes photographs and correspondence with figures such as Samuel Becket, E.M. Cioran, Yehudi Menuhin, Alain Tanner, Margarethe Krieger, Aurora Ginastera, Paco Ibáñez and Jeanne Moureau. It comprises a total of 22 boxes, apart from posters.

Limit dates: 1938-2012

Date of incorporation: 2011

Depository library: Humanities Library

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