New version of the UAB Code of Good Practice in Research

The Code of Good Practice in Research

The UAB has published the revised version of its Code of Good Practice in Research (CBPR). Released digitally in Catalan, Spanish and English, it aims to be a tool to continue developing research and transference at the University with the highest ethical standards.


The CBPR is a collective instrument of self-regulation and constitutes a set of guidelines for action, recommendations and commitments on the conduct of research activities. Its strength comes from the fact that it includes legal precepts, and also from the voluntary acceptance made by all those involved in research, especially those engaged directly in research activities. This acceptance means that what is included is what researchers of renowned prestige consider to be appropriate in terms of the attitudes, behavior and ethical commitment that high-level research deserves.

This new code replaces the previous version (almost 10 years old) to respond to the new challenges that society faces, such as digitization, protection of personal data, and the new requirements of scientific publications, among others. The CBPR devotes sections to staff in training, their rights and obligations, and recommends good scientific practices in each case.