GREIP PhD School 2021: ¿Research in times of uncertainty¿
Escola Doct 26.03.2021  - 

Despite the current situation - and indeed with the pandemic in mind, GREIP doctoral school 2021 was a very successful 3 day online event, with diverse, yet equally inspirational talks by three invited speakers. On day 1, Dr. Elizabeth J. Erling (University of Vienna) pushed the audience to really think deeply about key points in her talk entitled “Ethical issues in language education research”. On day 2, Dr. Adriana Patiño-Santos (University of Southampton) provided an extremely useful (virtual) hands-on workshop on narrative inquiry. In her workshop, "Narrative inquiry and language education", the participants had a chance to think about the ways in which narratives shape identities, looking at plurlingual life-stories through different blog entries. On the third day, Dr. Teppo Jakonen (University of Jyväskylä), gave a talk called “Technology and Interaction: Tackling Challenges in Analysing Telepresence Robot Mediated Language Learning Interactions" in which he nudged the participants to new boundaries of understanding regarding the complexity of studying interaction in these increasingly common -yet still treated as uncommon- learning ecologies.

 With 40 participants from across the world (Iran, Italy, US, Canada, Colombia, UK, France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia and Spain), the GREIP team is content to start 2021 on a high note. A befitting end to the 3-day theme: “Research in times of uncertainty”.

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