Epistemic Rationality: Conceptions and Challenges
Epistemic Rationality Congress 14.09.2017 Divulgació  - 
"Epistemic Rationality: Conceptions and Challenges" (Barcelona, 21-23/09/2017)

Organised by: Thomas Sturm (ICREA-UAB), Carl Hoefer  (ICREA-UB) & Sven Rosenkranz (ICREA-UB)


Traditionally, epistemic rationality has been distinguished from practical rationality. In the view of many thinkers, to be epistemically rational, beliefs should approximate a number of ideals: coherence with the canons of logic, axioms of probability, and rules of evidential support. For, it is only then that beliefs are deserving of our trust. These ideals are often required to play a role in numerous applications: in our confidence in climate research, medical judgments based on randomized control trials, or in everyday risk-taking that accepts uncertainty but should differ from acting under ignorance. However, this conception of epistemic rationality has been critically discussed in many ways among both philosophers and scientists. The conference will address three central and related challenges: (1) The challenge of fallibility; (2) the challenge of intractability; (3) the challenge of instrumentalism.


For more information, abstracts, and registration: http://www.ub.edu/epistemic-rationality/

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