UAB students win the Ecotrophelia competition


Five students from the Food Science and Technology are the winners of the competition with their creation of Tricube, an innovative dessert, in form of a small cube composed by three gelled layers of yoghurt, dark chocolate and Catalan cream. On 18 October, the team will compete in the European edition of Ecotrophelia alongside the winners of each participating country.


The Tricube team, formed by five students from the UAB's Food Science and Technology, is the winner of the 11th edition of the Ecotrophelia España 2020 competition, in which students seek to create new ecological and innovative food products. The competition is organised by the Spanish Federation of the Food and Drink Industries (FIAB).

After passing a selection phase, a total of six teams – three of which from the UAB - were selected to participate in the competition, which took place on 10 September at the Alícia Foundation. Each team presented its product, which had to meet a series of criteria: innovative in at least one of its phases (concept, technical aspects, formulation, packaging), maintaining the environmental perspective, be marketable and fit for human consumption.

The winning team - formed by UAB students Sílvia de Ferrater Huertas, Núria De Francisco Camprubí, Martina Font Pi, Anna Julià Navarro and Elisabet Sales Carol - have created a gourmet dessert in the shape of a small cube, composed by three gelled layers of yoghurt, dark chocolate and Catalan cream.

With this prize, the team will go on to compete alongside other winners from each participating country in the European edition of Ecotrophelia, which will be held on 18 October at the ANIA headquarters, and will serve to select the best food and drink prodcuts of all Europe.

This is not the first time that the students from the UAB Food Science and Technology stand out in these types of competitions for the quality of their projects: in the 2019 edition, the GoChick team, formed by students in their fourth year of the Bachelor's Degree in Food Science and Technology, won the second prize with a plant-based product made up of two different elaborations using chickpeas; and in 2016, another UAB team won first prize with a product called Garlicado.


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