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Robert Schuman Traineeships in the European Parliament - Fall 2022

Becaris al Parlament Europeu

The deadline to apply for a 5-month European Parliament Traineeship starting in Autumn 2022 is 31 May. All those interested must have graduated three months before beginning the traineeship. Two of the Communications traineeship are offered in the EP's Barcelona office.


A total of 463 places are offered, 136 of which are in the Communications sector, and two in the European Parliament liaison office in Barcelona

Twice a year, the European Parliament opens the application process for traineeships available to university graduates.The Schuman Traineeships are designed to complement the skills acquired at university and become familiar with the activities conducted by the EU, and by the European Parliament in particular. Traineeships are open to all citizens and include a large variety of specialisation such as communication, law, translation and interpreting, administration, information technology, etc.

The European Parliament Liaison Offices (EPLOs) in Spain will be offering five traineeships in communication: two in Barcelona and three in Madrid. These traineeships will allows participants to discover the tasks taken on by a press office, contact with eurodeputies, and closely follow current events taking place at the European Parliament. The places available and requirements can all be viewed at the website of the Schuman Traineeships in the European Parliament. It is important to send in CVs using the Europass format.

The traineeships are awarded for a period of 5 months, starting on 1 October and ending on 28 February, with the possibility of extending the traineeship from 1 to 3 additional months. In the case of the Barcelona vacancies, traineeship will go from 1 September to 31 January.

Candidates can select a maximum of three offers they would like to apply for. Information on the application and selection process can be found here.

The call will be open until midnight of 31 May. Current traineeships lasting five months include a monthly salary of 1,398 euros for those in Brussels or Luxembourg. For those with a traineeship in Spain, the monthly salary is 1,346.27 euros, and salaries are revised every 1 January. If circumstances permit, the grant also covers a trip to Strasbourg to participate in the administration tasks and the management of information of the institution during a plenary session.