Special programme to mark 30th edition of Seminars on Breast Cancer

Seminars Cŗncer de Mama

Featuring on the programme for this year's special edition of the Seminars are Mariano Barbacid, Manuel Perucho, Àngel Pellicer, Miguel Beato, Carlos Cordón, Manel Esteller, Ramon Pascual, Caterina Biscari, Pilarín Bayés and Sandra Ibarra.


The seminar series General Issues and Basic Research in Breast Cancer, organised for the last 29 years by the UAB's Multidisciplinary Group for the Study of Breast Cancer, led by Doctor Eduard Escrich, has reached its 30th edition. To mark the occasion, the organisers have put together a special programme featuring top-flight oncological researchers and other outstanding figures in the fight against cancer.
Manel Esteller, head of the Cancer Epigenetics and Biology programme at the Institute for Biomedical Research, Bellvitge, will deliver the lecture: "Epigenetics and breast cancer: from knowledge to application", on Tuesday 15 December, at 4 p.m. Mariano Barbacid, former head of the Spanish National Centre for Oncological Research, will give the talk: "Molecular oncology, tumoral genomes and future therapies", on 23 February at 4 p.m.

Manuel Perucho, head of the Institute of Predictive and Personalised Cancer Medicine, Àngel Pellicer, lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine at New York University, and Miguel Beato, former head of the Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, will jointly lead a session entitled "Three decades of excellence in cancer research. Towards the future”, on Wednesday 16 March, at 3 p.m. Carlos Cordón, researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, will give the lecture "Next-generation pathology: predicting the clinical course of cancer and tackling the cause of the disease", on Tuesday 5 April at 4 p.m. These lectures will all take place in the presentation room (Sala de Graus) of the Faculty of Medicine, except for the last one, whose venue is still pending.
There will also be a session on the links between the Mediterranean diet and health, on 9 February, 6 p.m. at UAB-Casa Convalescència (Av. Sant Antoni M. Claret 171, Barcelona), and a round table at the same venue on 21 June at 6 p.m., on "The social battle against breast cancer" featuring illustrator Pilarín Bayés, Doctor Santiago Dexeus, journalist Nieves Herrero, lawyer Magda Oranich, singer Luz Casal and the model Sandra Ibarra among others.
In addition, there will be weekly lectures by recognised cancer researchers throughout the academic year.
The opening session took place on Wednesday 4 November, with the participation of the Rector of the UAB, Ferran Sancho; the president of the executive committee of the ALBA Synchrotron, Ramon Pascual; the director of the ALBA Synchrotron, Caterina Biscari; and the director of the Seminars, Eduard Escrich.

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