First Webinar Series of IBISBA 1.0 (Industrial Biotechnology and Synthetic Biology Accelerator
Logo IBISBA 09.09.2019 Training  -  The Department of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering is part of IBISBA 1.0, a community of research and development (R&D) infrastructures in synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology. The aim of IBISBA 1.0 is to accelerate research and technology development in industrial biotechnology, allowing users (R&D institutions, companies) subsidised access to top European research infrastructures. 

We have a date for our first webinar series 'Find out how to accelerate your research or technology and gain subsidised access to top research infrastructure.' Learn more about IBISBA 1.0, how to gain funded access to its research facilities, how to develop synthetic biology tools and more!

The first webinar out of a series of four will illustrate:

1) What is IBISBA 1.0

2) How you can gain Transnational Access to this Pan-European Research Infrastructure for Industrial Biotechnology

3) How to create metabolic models at genomic scale and develop Synthetic Biology tools

Follow the following link to read the full programme and register.
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